Important information about P.A.W.S.

Following a continued decrease in volunteer support over the last several years as well as a continued yearly increase in expenses but decrease in funding, the P.A.W.S. of Michigan membership approved a restructuring of the organization at our November, 2015 annual meeting.  This restructuring will  ensure the continuation of funding programs that P.A.W.S. provides to the community, including the V-SNAP (a spay/neuter assistance program), Pet Food Bank and others.


The restructuring shifts the focus of the group solely to fundraising by eliminating the adoption program and placing all resources on charitable activities that support our funding programs. Amid decreased participation, it allows P.A.W.S. to continue aiding the worldwide effort against animal homelessness, though in a different way than in previous years. It is our hope that by putting the adoption program on hold and eliminating the majority of expenses incurred from vet care, we may be able to continue to provide the resources the community and animals have come to rely on.


All current funds will go towards the care of the remaining animals in our adoption program, in addition to backing our funding programs. Heartfelt gratitude and so many thank you’s to Faerie Tales Cat Rescue for assimilating our cat program into your organization with such ease. All dogs in the program will remain the responsibility of P.A.W.S. until they are adopted, at which point the dog program will end. No new dogs will join the program during this time. Thank you to Velda Bohler for nine years of hard work and dedication running our dog program.


We would like to wholeheartedly thank everyone who has been a member, donor, foster, volunteer, Facebook sharer and just general supporter of this organization. With your help, P.A.W.S. has done some truly great things since its inception in 2007 and this will simply be the next step. Join our mailing list and stay tuned to Facebook for exciting information about upcoming fundraisers and other ways to help. Thank you for your support!